Student Project Neil McIntosh Edinburgh College of Art

Student Project

Neil McIntosh, Edinburgh College of Art – Final Year Project Portrush

Redevelopment of the western peninsula of Portrush, with a new aquarium, hotel, train station and marina. The new aquarium will provide a major attraction with emphasis on providing wet weather entertainment. A fresh water lake around the aquarium will provide an important habitat for local wildlife with informal recreation taking place in the aquarium park. A new promenade lined with retail will provide a new link to the aquarium and hotel from the town centre. The promenade will replace the railway line and station which will be relocated back along the line allowing for a more direct link to the coast from the aquarium and hotel. Redevelopment and expansion of the harbour with new pontoons will be more appealing to boat owners and the edge of the harbour will be lined with new shops.

Category Parks and gardens

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