Omagh Town Centre

Omagh Town Centre

Scott Wilson was commissioned to regenerate Omagh Town Centre streetscape, including traffic management and pedestrian priority areas with a new lighting vision to create a dynamic, attractive venue at night. The plan culminates in a major civic space outside the Court House. The design creates a contemporary European flavour to the town, whilst recognising and enhancing the historic character of the townscape. Public art has been incorporated within the design concept which is also respectful of local issues in the town’s recent history. The use of natural, high quality materials was a key feature of this scheme. Careful detailing allows use of natural stone, not only in footways, but also in areas of the carriageway.

Extensive public consultation was carried out as part of the design development process and continued through the construction phase of the works. A survey was carried out of local business and shops to ensure that the design team had a full understanding of their operations and how this would be impacted by traffic flow, parking, delivery bays etc. Disability groups were consulted during the design process and, as a result, reflective bands were incorporated into stainless steel street furniture.

The scheme has incorporated loading bays, disabled parking bays and bus steps, the latter with higher kerbs. Access to business and shops was retained throughout the construction.

Location: Omagh, County Tyrone
Lead landscape architect: Scott Wilson
Client: Omagh District Council
Completion date: Early 2009
Photographer: Scott Wilson
Category: Townscape

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