Heritage of the Landscape Architectural Profession in Northern Ireland

Telling the story of landscape architecture in Northern Ireland / Ireland.


To principals and key members of LINI Practices

further to our project telling the story of the evolution of the profession in Northern Ireland and Ireland since its formation 50 years ago we are gathering information from all practices to be part of this journey. Being short of knowledge of what practices have been involved in we really need you to dig into your archives. To that end we have put together attached ‘Project List for Wall Chart / Landscape Platform’ and ‘Project Record Sheet’ to be completed by yourselves choosing only the best/unique and most interesting of your projects of each decade – as a concept, completed design and or constructed of a variety of types of schemes. From your selection we can develop a picture of important projects that can be added to the Wall Chart Presentation we are putting together for the Conference in June and future exhibitions. In addition schemes will be selected to be uploaded onto an interactive digital platform, the concept of which will be launched at the conference.

For this purpose, please complete the attached sheets as follows:

Sheet 1: Project List for Wall Chart/Landscape Platform

say about six projects per decade: numbered (depending on when the practice has been established)

– project title, location, client and year

Sheet 2: Project Sheet: detailed information (tick box) of each project listed

– Type and scale of cost

Ideally the sheets should be returned to us within the next two weeks say by Tuesday 5th May to upload all information onto the wall chart in good time before the conference.

We are looking forward to receiving your information being conscious of your valuable time.

Susanna Best LINI Project and Development Coordinator will be in contact with you in about a week. Should you have any queries please do not hesitate to get in contact by return email, telephone 028 9146 0482 or 07749292083 or anybody on the team.

Thank you for your support.

LINI conference team / exhibition coordination: Peter Hutchinson, Emily Smyth, Paul Tully, Bill O’Donnell, Donna Fletcher, Susanna Best, Ryan Hood, and Lowell McCready.

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