Bangor Walled Garden

Castle Park - Walled Garden

The Walled Garden in Castle Park Bangor dates from around 1840 and was built to serve the needs of the Ward Estate. Since its acquisition by the Council in the 1950’s, the garden has been closed to the public.

The garden is being reconstructed in a Victorian style. It is divided into quarters with the themes of kitchen garden, herb and topiary garden, flower garden / parterre and swamp garden. An 80m long herbaceous border bisects the garden and has at its centre a water fountain sculpture. A second sculpture marks the main entrance of the northern part of the walled garden.

Much publicity surrounded the project from the outset with a significant consultation strategy implemented to ensure buy-in by the local people and Council representatives. This was so successful that a Friends of the Walled Garden was formed with over 300 members before construction actually started on site.


Location Bangor, County Down
Lead landscape architect: Scott Wilson
Client: North Down Borough Council
Completion date: April 2009

Photographer: Scott Wilson
Category: Parks and gardens

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